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Five Random Facts…

I got snagged…. so here we go.

1.)  I hold a Journeyman Baker certification acquired when I was 20 after a 4 year apprenticeship with my father.  My friends think I should be bumped up to Master Baker, but I have my reservations.

2.)  I moved every 2.5 - 3 years for the duration of my husband’s 25 year military career, living in 5 different countries on 8 different bases in 16 different houses.

3.)  When I was 5 I fell off the second floor balcony above the family bakery in Staten Island landing on the pavement below.  I suffered the worst concussion seen in the state of New York at the time.  My skull was split from eye socket to the base in back, but my scalp was intact.  The fact that my skull could expand with the swelling of my brain is the reason I do not suffer from mental difficulties… and they believe that the fact that I lied about how I fell (and where I fell from) along with the act of maintaining that lie kept my brain functions normal.

4.)   My first car was a 1971 Ford Thunderbird.  My second car was a 1983 Ford Thunderbird.  I fully intend on replacing my Mom Wagon suv with a 2004 Ford Thunderbird… unless they go back into production, then we’ll have to see.

5.)  My favorite flowers are Dandelions.

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